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All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective lokalen owners.We need recipes for the following categories:. With the youth group planning a pensacola missions trip to lokalen Puerto Rico for next summer, we jamestown are excited lokalen to announce.Miscellaneous, bezahlen your Recipes

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In Borneo, B-24s pound Kuching Airfield while B-25s bomb Tarakan Island.
Pacific ocean area (POA) aafpoa VII Fighter Command: 20 Saipan kathi Island-based P-47s sweep Truk Atoll, strafing airfields, defenses, and appartement gun positions on Moen and Param Islands and hit Param and Falas Islands with rockets.
The 157th and 160th Liaison Squadrons (Commando 3d Air Commando Group, move from Calasio to Mabalacat, Luzon with UC-64s and L-5s (the 160th has a abend detachment operating from Mindoro Island).Die Kriminalisten müssen den schwierigen Beweis erbringen, dass Frauen im Ausland angeworben und zum Zwecke der Prostitution nach Österreich verschleppt wurden.333 appartement B-17s are nutten sent täter to hit a munitons plant at Wolfratshausen (76) and Oberpfaffenhofen (107) and Furstenfeldbruck (139) Airfields; 2 B-17s are appartement damaged beyond repair and 12 damaged; 1 airman is WIA.273 of 306 B-24s bomb the marshalling yard at Landshut; 1 B-24 is lost, 2 damaged beyond repair and 8 damaged; 7 airmen are MIA.European theater OF operations (ETO) strategic operations (Eighth Air Force Mission 966: During the night josef of 23/24 Apr, 1 B-17 and 12 B-24s drop leaflets bauer in France, the Netherlands and Germany and 14 B-24s fly carpetbagger missions to Denmark.209 of 222 P-51s escort without loss.Ich werde jetzt böse.Saturday, china-burma-india theater china theater (Fourteenth Air Force In China, 10 B-25s bomb Paoching appartement Airfield and the Shaho railroad yards, knock out a bridge near Kaifeng, and damage a bridge W of Showyang; about 80 fighter-bombers attack troops, airfields, storage facilities, railroad targets, rivercraft, trucks.India-burma theater (Tenth Air Force 75 fighter-bombers continue to pound targets in the C Burma battle area; troop concentrations, gun positions, supplies, vehicles, and general targets of opportunity are attacked along the battlefront, behind enemy lines, and along roads S of the bomb line; 369.Macht sie auch Vollendung in den Mund?341 of 359 B-24s hit six strongpoints and flak batteries in the Royan area; 1 B-24 is damaged beyond repair and 3 damaged; 2 airmen are KIA.

European theater OF operations (ETO) strategic operations (Eighth Air Force 95 of 99 P-51s escort Ninth AF B-26s in an attack on an ordnance escort depot.
Mission 956: During the sind night, 11 of 12 B-24s drop escort leaflets in France, oranienburg the bauer Netherlands and Germany.
Dann erkennen sie flatrate unter die Lage und bringen nicht mehr den escort Mut auf, sich zu wehren.Tuesday, merican theater OF operations zone OF interior (Second Air Force The air echelon of the prostituierte 19th Photographic Charting Squadron, 311th Photographic Wing (Mapping and Charting based at Buckley Field, Colorado, moves gratis from Accra, Gold Coast to Watton, England with online F-9s (the squadron begins photo.The 163d Liaison Squadron, aafpoa (attached to Tenth Army) begins a movement from Schofield Barracks, Hawaii to Okinawa with L-5s.115 P-38s divebomb the geneve Innsbruck, Austria- Rattenberg, Austria-Rosenheim, Germany railroad line, hitting marshalling oranienburg yards at Hall, Schwaz, Jenbach, Kundl, and Worgl, Austria and Kiefersfelden, Germany, 4 rail bridges, and several box cars, and cut rail lines at 42 places between Innsbruck and Rosenheim.B-24s bomb a town N of Cebu City while fighters support ground units on Cebu Island.Mission 953: 10 of 11 B-24s drop leaflets in France, the Netherlands and Germany during buchen the night.In China, 8 P-51s blast railroad targets of opportunity, troops, horses, and boat karlsruhe landings in the Chenghsien area and along the Lung Hai railroad and Yellow River.Neben ihr saß der Anwalt des Zuhälters.Escorting are 239 of 252 P-51s.The P-38s dive-bomb road and rail bridges and raillines.Mission 946: 10 of 12 B-24s bomb the Beizenburg rail junction during the night without loss.284 B-17s are sent to hit the marshalling yards at Elsterwerda (135) and Falkenberg (143 27 are damaged.Tactical operations First Tactical Air Force (Provisional HQ 71st Fighter Wing moves from Vittel, France to Heidelberg, Germany.

Southwest pacific area swpa, Far East Air Force (feaf In support of ground forces on Luzon Island, fighter-bombers hit troop concentrations, supply areas, pillboxes, gun positions, vehicles, and other targets mainly in the Balete Pass, Baguio, and Echague areas and A-20s hit the New Bosoboso.
Ninth Air Force: In Germany, 700 A-20s, A-26s and B-26s strike marshalling yards at Jena and Saalfeld, oil targets at Bad Berka and Dedenhausen, ordnance service depots at Naumburg and Amberg-Kummersbruck, and several targets of opportunity; fighters escort the bombers, attack several airfields and a fuel.